Site Name:
               Momentary Impression
               C. Finalion




             Momentary Ataraxia is another website by C. Finalion.
             In this site photographic works, poetry and shell collection of C. Finalion is presented.
             All who strive for beauty and calmness is welcome. Banners with link is below.


             These sites are other excellently designed sites with excellent wallpapers.

                      - a truly excellently-designed wallpaper site by Aria, mostly animation / manga wallpapers, but
                        also some originals. worth a visit to see the beauteous wallpapers and the Photoshop skills.

             These are official websites of my favorite professional artists.

                      - My personal favorite artist, KAGAYA's official website. His digital paintings are just fantastic.
                        Please visit his site and be impressed.

                      - Website of another digital painting artist, SHU. Have a visit, his paintings will surely draw you
                        into little bit of fantasy.