Title: Luminescence
      Type: Photo Based
      Updated: September 8, 2009
      Original Resolution: WUXGA


      Title: Evangel
      Type: Photo Based
      Updated: July 22, 2008
      Original Resolution: WUXGA




          Momentary Impression is a webpage that mainly features wallpaper works by C. Finalion.
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          Name on Web      :        Cles. A. Finalion     
         Location                :        Hong Kong
          Camera                 :        Canon EOS-5D / Sony DSC-P200 / Canon PowerShot S40
          Interests               :        Photography, poetry, shell-collecting,
                                                      badminton, reading, computer, wallpaper design
          Favorites               :        blue, sky, clouds, ocean, flowers, seashells,
                                                      poems, books, water, nature, VAIO, etc.
          E-mail                    :        airness.finalion@gmail.com

          All wallpapers in Momentary Impression are for individual use as wallpaper of personal
          computer desktop only. Please note that the wallpapers must not be re-distributed or
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          C. Finalion. If you have an inquiry, such as to use wallpapers on your website, please
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          Please note that the use of any wallpaper on this website is due to personal responsibility
          and C. Finalion shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused.

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